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SEO Services Case Study: Business Start-Up Storms The Market

SEO services from Aardvarky worked out well for a local start-up business:

SEO Services were provided to Guilliard’s Beauty, who provide holistic beauty therapy treatments in a calming, tranquil environment, including a variety of whole-body massage treatments together with waxing, skin treatments and facial skin peels.

The focus is on delivering a very high quality of service together with visible results from the treatments provided.

The challenge was to employ SEO services to draw new customers from the Internet who would be searching through search engines such as Google.

As a start-up company, there was no history or track record and therefore new customers meant the very survival of the company.

SEO Research: The Target Market

The overall market for Guilliard’s Beauty (the health and beauty market) is quite large and much of it irrelevant. Using SEO services to get the website listed in the results for such search queries as ‘beauty salon’ would not be an efficient use of resources.

Research was necessary to understand firstly the ideal customer profile, and then what that ideal customer would be searching for in the search engines, so that the SEO services being employed would be most effective.

Using advanced SEO services techniques, Aardvarky were able to determine that the primary area of focus was for prospective clients searching for services related to such keywords as ‘massage’, ‘beauty therapy’, ‘beauty therapist’, ‘waxing’ and ‘skin care’. However, these ‘short-tail’ keywords were not to be where the effort was focused; ‘short-tail’ keywords are too broad and general by nature. We were looking for related keywords that identified potential buyers, and by their nature, these were ‘longer-tail’.

The number one objective of the SEO Services provided, was to drive as much ‘buyer’ traffic to the website as possible, rather than targeting search queries that would be unlikely to result in sales.

The Approach

SEO Services are based upon the keyword research to determine what prospective customers actually search for in the search engines, combined with research into other buying habits and the market overall, Aardvarky were able to devise an effective SEO services strategy for driving as much targeted search engine traffic to the website without the need for paid marketing such as pay-per-click, banner advertising or otherwise.

After optimising the website, and utilising social media, social bookmarking and article marketing methods, Aardvarky were able to nearly double the traffic from the previous month:

SEO Services

Visits Rose From 934 to 1,723 over 1 Month – Click To Zoom


An increase of over 84% in targeted traffic has also seen a similar increase in the level of business and revenue being generated.

The net result of the SEO services from Aardvarky will see Guilliard’s Beauty moving to new premises in 2012 after what looks like will be a bumper Christmas festive period for the business.

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