IT & Website Support Services

IT & Website Support

Need Some IT Support?

  • Sick of wasting time with hardware/software issues?
  • Not sure if it's a hardware or software problem under warranty?
  • Sick of explaining your problem to support staff over and over again?
  • Need advice on how your company's IT can support your growing business?
  • No IT Department or IT support overwhelmed?
  • Need basic installation support to set up new users or computers?
  • Concerned about data security?
  • Don't like being tied down to support contracts?

Whatever your problem, simply tell us about it below and we'll get back to you. Any problems we can't fix, you won't pay for.

Website Support

If we built you your website using wordpress, you'll already understand the power of being able to create, edit and update the content yourself. Nothing beats saving web design fees for making updates to your website.

We also realise that there are some things that you don't do very often and may need some help. Instead of charging more web design fees, or paying for support, we thought it would be helpful ot provide some quick and easy training videos so you can remind yourself how to do what it is that you'd forgotten or were unsure of.

Of course, if you really do get stuck, or need some support, you can still use the support request.