Ecommerce Website Design

eCommerce Websites

Adopting e-commerce as part of your overall business strategy can be a highly effective method for increasing revenue, profits and your customer base, while also reducing costs. Making purchases online is now an accepted and even expected method of buying products and services, not least because of the increased convenience for the customer, and improvements for both parties in terms of speed and greater reliability.

However, despite the convenience and other advantages, adopting e-commerce into a traditional business can be complicated and overwhelming. The options and choices that have to be taken into account are wide and varied, with the right choice depending on a number of different factors unique to your kind of business. These may include such things as the kind of product or service you're selling, your overall marketing approach, forecast sales volumes and of course, sales budgets.

Aardvarky can help step you through the decision making process, ensuring that the right choice for your business is made and that the set-up process is as simple and painless as possible. Whether you need e-commerce capabilities added to your existing website or a new website built to sell your products and services, Aardvark will build a solution to meet your business needs. Our e-commerce websites are designed to engage your customers and promote a trustworthy image that will help to increase sales. All of our e-commerce solutions are designed to be scalable and meet the requirements of your business as it grows.

It is important to automate as much of the online sales process as possible; this reduces overheads and improves efficiency. Therefore, we offer the ability to integrate our  e-commerce websites with many online payment systems such as PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout and 1ShoppingCart. The finished solution will provide you with total control over your product inventory and order processing, just as you would expect to find in an offline environment.


The Internet is an open, unregulated environment ideal for fraudsters and scammers to take advantage of the unwary and unprotected. The threat of phishing and fraud attacks makes securing your e-commerce website ever more vital.

Intuitive Navigation

When a potential customer visits your e-commerce site, they're there to do one thing: buy your products or services. It is therefore imperative that there are no unnecessary obstacles or frustrations put in the way of that happening, such as a clunky, confusing interface. The same principle applies to all websites, where visitors are ever more fickle, with the competition only one click of the 'back' button away when what they're looking for cannot be found easily and within 1-2 clicks

Cross Product Promotion

Just like in the physical world, where retailers advertise special offers and other products in their stores, so too, owners of e-commerce websites should promote corresponding or complementary products and services that will encourage prospective buyers to explore other areas of your website. This is much like the high street retailer who encourages shoppers around their store with special offers and promotions. The same can be achieved in an e-commerce store through well placed advertising and links to other products or services.

Enticing Customers

There is one function that an e-commerce website needs to fill, and that is to make sales. When prospective customers visit your e-commerce site, there are just a few basic things they need to understand:

  • What is it? - product & service descriptions must be clear
  • What does it cost?
  • How do I pay?
  • Can I trust you? - is the website secure?