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Landing Page Design

Without question, Internet marketing has changed the business landscape and how businesses market themselves to their customers on a massive scale. New technologies and new Internet marketing paradigms have introduced new opportunities of new markets and new growth.

However, for all the opportunity and benefit brought from Internet marketing, it can be a double-edged sword. Gaining the attention of your prospective customers is now even harder than ever before with more information bombarding an increasingly fickle consumer.

In this dynamic and ever-changing marketplace, it is vital to keep abreast of the latest technologies and strategies for driving high volumes of targeted traffic to your website. Just keeping up is a full-time business, and often beyond the scope and ability of the average small to medium-sized business owner.

Responsive landing page web design

Landing Page Design

How the landing page is designed is one important component that will have a massive influence on the level of trust the visitor has for your business, whether they find the offer acceptable an the decision they make. What your landing page says to this visitor is also important; it needs to capture their attention quickly and engage them so that they stay on the page rather than hitting the ‘back’ button on their browser.

Landing pages are invaluable sales tools for converting targeted traffic into revenue generating sales. Here at iGlobal we recognize care has to be taken to market our clients products and services in more effective way, and we do so by guiding business owners through the process step by step. Understanding how visitors respond to a specific message or call to action can only be achieved through website analytics and taking a holistic view of the entire sales funnel. Utilizing this information allows our consultants to advise business owners on the right approach and techniques that should be employed to increase their sales conversion rate even higher.

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Landing Pages vs Traditional Websites

In order to keep up with what is current, and what works, a number of testing strategies are employed amongst Internet marketers. Chief among these are landing pages which on the face of it are not drastically different from a normal business website. However, a landing page differs in that it’s purpose is highly specialized and focused on getting the visitor to take some action, normally after having responded to some direct marketing.

After having clicked on a banner ad, a link in an email, responded to some direct mailing, or visited a web link provided on a TV or radio advert, visitors are directed to a landing page. This page is high targeted and focused just on the offer made in the advert. It is highly congruent and has one sole purpose: to get the visitor to make a purchase or take some other positive action that will lead to a sale further on in the process.

With the attention of today’s consumer being pulled in all directions, and their limited ability to retain information, there are a number of crucial criteria that a successful landing page needs to meet:

  • Is the offer crystal-clear?
  • Who is the offer for?
  • How does this offer benefit the visitor?
  • What will make them act further?
  • What action should they take? What are the next steps?