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Pay per click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is unique...

Advertising to people who aren’t necessarily interested in what you have to offer, is part of the old paradigm of ‘interruption marketing’, and can be expensive and ineffective with often-unpredictable results.

The advent of the search engines has ushered in a new and unprecedented paradigm, known as ‘permission-based marketing’. As the name suggests, you are advertising to people who have effectively given you permission to market to them by expressing an interest in what you have to offer.

Coupled with this new paradigm of super-targeted prospective customers, the concept of pay-per-click advertsing also heralds a payment model where you only pay for advertising that works.

As the name suggests, text ads or banner ads are only paid for when a user clicks on the ad and is then taken to your website. This highly effective and efficient payment model means that you only pay when someone visits your website after clicking on your ad. No more paying for ads that nobody is interested in.

Knowing where to target your ads comes down to keyword research. The same foundation research that is done for search engine optimization is also fundamental to the success of any pay-per-click marketing campaign that you may wish to undertake.

Our PPC experts will be happy to discuss how pay-per-click can boost the effectiveness of your online marketing; get in touch today and let one of our consultants provide some free analysis on your current Internet marketing.

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