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Website Analytics

Everyone who builds a website, does so for a reason. In a business context, this is normally to fulfill an objective or business goal such as increased sales or brand awareness. For most businesses, these goals also have a significant amount of financial investment behind them in the form of the website, and therefore a return on that investment is an absolute business requirement.

How do you ensure that your website will deliver a return on your investment?
Is your website performing against its goals and objectives?

To get a clear insight on how effectively your business goals are being met by your website, it is crucial to employ website analytics. This will provide you with invaluable information on where your visitors go on your site, how long they spend there and how you can improve your site in order meet your objectives.

The kind of valuable information that you’ll gather from website analytics includes:

  • Total number of visitors to your site
  • Number of visitors to each page
  • Location of visitors to your site
  • Time spent on your site and individual pages
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