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Custom Web Design For Small Businesses

Web design for small to medium sized businesses has taken a step forward with the launch of custom websites for under £500 (US$800), with prices starting from just £379 for custom web design.

The announcement by Aardvarky Media now provides custom web design, that goes beyond just logo design, to be within the reach of the average small business owner.

Oxfordshire-based Aardvarky Media are setting about making a stand for the the small business owner, by putting together high quality web design packages specifically priced to be within the reach of the majority of businesses.

Owner and founder Simon Guilliard described the announcement as a “victory for small business” who he feels are being left behind as the new Internet economy takes shape.

“The global recession that most businesses seem to be suffering from is not the whole story. We’re seeing the effects of what will most likely go down in history as the ‘Internet revolution’, on the smaller business owner who is ill-equipped to deal with these fast paced technological changes.”

Simon Guilliard put the changes on the same scale as the industrial revolution where businesses that failed to adopt automation, ultimately failed; “we are seeing the same effects today, with businesses that traditionally relied upon high street custom suffering the most. We are now living in the age of the smartphone where the Internet is in the palm of your hand. Just as you or I would now look for a local restaurant, plumber, or numerous other services from our smartphone using search engines like Google, so our customers are doing the same.”

Web Design As A Business Asset

Website Design

For Aardvarky Media, the answer is to provide not just web design services but websites that actually perform as an asset to the business. “It’s no longer good enough just to have a web site. It doesn’t matter how good the web design is, if your prospective customers can’t find you in the search engines, your website will be a liability rather than an asset to your business. We believe that just as anyone you employ should contribute to the bottom line of your business, so should your website,” adds Guilliard.

All web design services provided by Aardvarky Media will now come with complimentary optimisation services to ensure that the search engines list the website in the search results. Simon Guilliard explains the decision to include at no extra cost what many providers charge thousands for: “the simple fact of the matter is that if your website isn’t showing up on page one of the search engine results, then you may as well not have a website and are just wasting your money. That may sound harsh, but that’s the reality. We research our client’s market and tell them exactly what their customers are searching for in the search engines and how often. There’s no ambiguity. When we talk about web design, we’re not talking just about how the website looks, but how it performs; we approach web design with performance from a business perspective as the foundation of everything we do.”

For under £500 (US$800) clients of Aardvarky Media don’t just get custom web design, but a website that goes beyond just the web design and considers the primary purpose of that website, ensuring that it generates revenue for the business owner.

In addition to the custom web design, Aardvarky also announced a number of different packages all targeted at small business owners looking to get a return on their investment. Simon Guilliard explains the philosophy behind the Aardvarky method: “we’re focused just on RoI (return on investment). Small business owners don’t have the luxury of throwing money at something in the hope that it’ll bring some kind of positive effect on their business. Web design shouldn’t just be a case of handing over money and the end result not deliver any benefit.”

With small and medium sized businesses making up over 70% of the economic output, Simon Guilliard hopes that Aardvarky’s web design services will provide a boost in the very area of the economy that will have the greatest effect; he concludes, “the local economy is where we need to start assisting businesses, and helping them adapt to the market changes that are going on right under everyone’s noses. The packages that we’ve announced endeavour to do just that and also change the experience that many business owners have with web design and marketing companies for the better.”

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